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In Memoriam

Last night, at about ten in the evening, I went to bed.

Due to my sleep issues, I had to set up my new CPAP machine. Upon setting it up, I went to check on Thomas…

He was limp on the ground, unable to even stand. He would wheek softly when I touched him, but could not get out his usual scream of excitement.

Finally I realized that I needed to sleep, in order to go to school in the morning. Singing him a quick song and saying a quick prayer, I went to sleep reluctantly.

This morning, he was no better. He had been in the same spot since I last heard him move just hours before. I put food and water close to him, trying to entice him, to get him to move.

This afternoon, when I came home, he was dead. Curled around a bowl of hay, cold and unknowing.

I placed him in a box, writing on the lid:

I took you in, and you saved me
Though death after life may have swayed thee,
My dear friend, I’ll always praise ye.

The bottom photo is the day I first brought him home: October 20th, 2013. Exactly a week after my Charlemagne had died. The second and third photos are some of my favorites; they were from his first and only bath.

He loved to take selfies with me. His nose was always right up against the camera, trying to get a good shot.

Have a wonderful time, Thomas. You were too good to be here on Earth with us. You deserved something better. I love you.


ah my little Nova… lol

It seems like this happens with all of our fish, since we cannot discern their emotions:


3 bay

My Tumblr turned 1 year old on March 15th.

To celebrate, here are some of the first pictures I ever posted: both of Charlemagne (RIP), of course.

New reaction image, courtesy of my sister.

New reaction image, courtesy of my sister.


Happy Birthday to Christopher Eccleston, the ninth doctor!


Happy Birthday to Christopher Eccleston, the ninth doctor!



You do not play off tragedy cards like they’re something in your hand, waiting for you to use them against whatever “opponent” you’ve decided on.

Child abuse is NOT something you can toy around with.

Tell me, have you been dragged around by your hair?
Thrown into an ice-cold shower, fully clothed with shoes on?
Spanked so hard it bruised you, not just in one place, but over the entire area?

Have you been told by your parents that they “deserved a better child” than you?
Or that they would rather deal with a hundred of your sister than one of you?
Have you had purple streaks up your arm?
Nail marks from her clawing at you?

No? What was that? NO?

Then shut up. No one needs to hear you play your victim cards any longer.

A little late, but Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

A little late, but Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

A Girl Like You

Perfectionists wander, surely unclear
Their minds a walking stratosphere
Of emotion, like the ocean, wanting to be free
But ending up crashing into me.
Their efforts are soundless, but their hearts move like rain
Chained in a pattern of suffering and pain
Wanting to love but can’t get it just right
Too late—they’ve vanished, out of sight.
But hark, they return! a scoundrel in the wind
Trying to make up for the times they’ve sinned
Suffering in silence, yet chattering in fear
Their minds a walking stratosphere
Of crime, in good time, hoping to stay true
Wishing they wouldn’t fall for a girl like you.

Writers’ reference!

Writers’ reference!

Sweetie Drops, aka Bon Bon

Sweetie Drops, aka Bon Bon

I was checking out #suhosin ‘s blog (business as usual), and came across a few asks stating that PP had used transphobic and homophobic slurs. A commenter asked for evidence, so I looked for it.

The light pink text on the right is from PP herself. All I had to do to find this was look at http://pinkiepony.tumblr.com/tagged/texts and there it was.

The second screenshot took a bit of hunting, but I got it within a few minutes of starting my search.

Dear followers, forgive me for posting this. The truth must be told by someone.